How 'Live PD,' AMBER Alerts and Social Media Have Helped Find Missing Children

Over the last century, dozens of highly publicized child kidnappings—including Charles Augustus Lindbergh, Jr. in 1932, Steven Stayner in 1972, Etan Patz in 1979, Jaycee Dugard in 1991 and Elizabeth Smart in 2002—have shocked the nation and ignited a public effort to prevent them.

Today, child abductions by non-relatives have become rare. Even rarer are abduction cases that result in the victim’s murder. The Center for Missing and Exploited Children reported assisting families and law enforcement with 27,000 missing-child cases in 2017. Of those, about 90 percent were runaways (one in seven of whom were likely victims of child sex trafficking). Roughly five percentwere abducted by a family member, while three percent were classified as “critically missing young adults” ages 18 to 20.

Missing-child awareness campaigns now leverage media and technology to help spread the word more widely and quickly.

AMBER Alerts, mobile-phone pop-up notifications providing key details about a recent child abduction, have led to the rescue of 924 children in the roughly five years they’ve been in use, according to the U.S. Department of Justice. Investigators and family members have also used clues posted on social-media platforms to track down possible suspects or the whereabouts of children who may have run away and weren’t, in fact, kidnapped. TV shows, like America’s Most Wanted and, more recently, Live PD, where missing-children segments are featured, have also helped raise awareness about local cases.

Crowd-sourcing Clues
But one of the biggest obstacles to successful awareness campaigns is simply getting the public to care enough, says Jeff Tiegs, an expert on child abductions and sex trafficking. “People don’t [always] bother paying attention to AMBER alerts, or calling in that small detail they’re sure is probably nothing,” he says. “Each time a child is rescued through these efforts, it’s because someone, somewhere noticed something and decided to follow through on their suspicion,” says Tiegs, founder of Guardian Group, a nonprofit that fights against child sex trafficking in the U.S.
A&E Real Crime looks at four cases of children who went missing, but were rescued by everyday heroes who saw the news and acted.

Mariah Martinez
A Texas girl,
 Mariah Martinez, who had been missing for more than a year, was rescued after a viewer saw a segment detailing her abduction on an episode of A&E’s Live PD that aired on March 23, 2018.

Mariah and her two younger siblings disappeared in October 2016 after their mother, Amanda Martinez, lost custody of them to Child Protective Services in connection with a child-abuse incident at the hands of Martinez’s boyfriend.

Mariah’s two siblings, Jeremiah and Leimiah, were found safe with family members in January 2017. Their mother was then arrested and taken into custody by police. Mariah, however, was nowhere to be found.

The New Mexico viewer who saw the girl on Live PD tipped off authorities by pointing them to the apartment where Mariah was living with “extended family.”

Police used surveillance to confirm the information provided by the viewer, and on March 26, 2018, Mariah was recovered. She has been brought back home to Texas.

Bella Martinez
Bella Martinez was in her father’s black SUV outside a Utah convenience store on February 4, 2015, when a strange woman, who had earlier approached her father for a cigarette, suddenly jumped into the vehicle and drove away with the 3-year-old still inside.

A few blocks away, a cupcake shop owner, Leslie Fiet, was getting ready to wrap up at work when her phone buzzed with an AMBER alert, indicating a statewide search for the toddler. It included the make and model of the stolen SUV.

Moments later, Fiet noticed a vehicle in the parking lot of her shop that matched the license-plate number and description from the AMBER alert. She dove in through the passenger-side window of the vehicle to grab the child.

“My initial thought was just to call 911,” Fiet later told ABC News. “But then I looked closer and saw Bella was in a tremendous amount of stress, hyperventilating and crying. I just dropped my phone and ran out the door.”

After Fiet pulled the girl from the vehicle, she noticed the SUV had been abandoned by the thief. She carried Bella into her bakery, locked the door and called police. Bella was soon reunited with her parents.

Rebecca Lewis
Kaitlyn Brown
 was taking a lunch break during her shift at a Tennessee hospital, leisurely looking through Facebook when she came across a post about a missing child, Rebecca Lewis.

Moments later, she spotted the 4-year-old missing girl walking down a hallway inside the hospital, holding the hand of her alleged male abductor.

Brown, immediately recognizing Rebecca, hurried to tell her father, another hospital employee, to call the police. The alleged abductor was captured in the hospital parking lot. Rebecca was reunited with her family the following day. Her alleged abductor was charged with kidnapping and is currently awaiting trial.

Unnamed 8-year-old Sexual Assault Victim in Fresno, California
In October 2010, an
 8-year-old girl was rescued after being abducted as she played in her front yard with friends.

Her alleged kidnapper, a 24-year-old man, had pulled up beside the girls as they played and tried to lure her into his pickup before two adults noticed and began shouting for the girls to run away. He then snatched the girl up and drove off while witnesses, including the girl’s mother, chased after them unsuccessfully.

An AMBER Alert was issued and the victim was featured on the local news, which is how her hero, Victor Perez, first became aware the girl had been abducted.
Perez was later standing outside his house when he saw a vehicle matching the description from the news report pass by.

“I had a split-second decision to decide to call 9-1-1 or go after it,” Perez later said in an interview with ABC News.

He decided to hop into his Ford truck and chase after the vehicle. During the pursuit, he saw the girl’s head appear in the window while her captor tried to push her back out of view.

Perez eventually managed to overtake the suspect’s truck, forcing him to stop. The suspect opened the door, pushed the little girl out and sped away.

The young girl reportedly ran to Perez and told him she was scared. He stayed there with her until police arrived to take her to an area hospital, where it was determined that she had been sexually assaulted.

The suspect, a gang member out on parole, was arrested shortly after the incident. Although he was charged with kidnapping and sexual assault and has been in jail for the past 10 years, the case still hasn’t gone to trial.

Courtesy: A&E, Live PD and Audry Spade

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Note: As usual, do not email us any depictions of children or child pornography, if you find any illegal depictions, please contact your local Law Enforcement or the FBI Cyber Crimes unit.

Mother of two female children sold video of daughters performing sex acts as orchestrated by mother.

MONTGOMERY COUNTY, Texas - A Houston-area mom pleaded guilty to producing child pornography with her own daughters, officials in Montgomery County announced Wednesday.

Vanessa Patricia Ganung, 31 years old, pleaded guilty and was sentenced 40 years in prison for the first degree felony offense of Sexual Performance by a Child in the 9th District Court

The district attorney's office stated Ganung was arrested in 2013 after an investigation by the Montgomery County Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force.

The investigation revealed she had been producing child pornography of her biological daughters, 7 and 5 years old, in her house in Willis. One of the videos depicted Ganung forcing her daughter to expose her genitals and perform sexual acts for the camera, officials said.

Investigator Jason Grindstaff with the Montgomery County Precinct 2 Constable's Office found that Ganung not only took pictures and filmed her daughters, but she had actually sent the images to another adult male.

The D.A. said the mom would have been facing life in prison had she not accepted the plea agreement.

When Ganung's sentence expires in 2056, she will have to register as a sex offender for the rest of her life.

"Ganung was the vehicle by which these girls arrived on this earth, but she is no mother. There is nothing we value more in Montgomery County than our children, and I happy to say that both girls, now removed from that horrible situation, are doing great," said Mary Nan Huffman, chief prosecutor.



Islamic State (ISIS) Releases Pamphlet On Female Slaves 

 December 4, 2014 
The Research and Fatwa Department of the Islamic State (ISIS) has released a pamphlet on the topic of female captives and slaves. The pamphlet, which is dated Muharram 1436 (October/November 2014) and was printed by ISIS's publishing house, Al-Himma Library, is titled Su'al wa-Jawab fi al-Sabi wa-Riqab("Questions and Answers on Taking Captives and Slaves"). It was presumably released in response to the uproar caused by the many reports this summer that ISIS had taken Yazidi girls and women as sex slaves. Written in the form of questions and answers, it clarifies the position of Islamic law (as ISIS interprets it) on various relevant issues, and states, among other things, that it is permissible to have sexual intercourse with non-Muslim slaves, including young girls, and that it is also permitted to beat them and trade in them.
The following are excerpts from the pamphlet, which was posted on a pro-ISIS Twitter account.[1]
"Question 1: What is al-sabi?
"Al-Sabi is a woman from among ahl al-harb [the people of war] who has been captured by Muslims.
"Question 2: What makes al-sabi permissible?
"What makes al-sabi permissible [i.e., what makes it permissible to take such a woman captive] is [her] unbelief. Unbelieving [women] who were captured and brought into the abode of Islam are permissible to us, after the imam distributes them [among us]."
"Question 3: Can all unbelieving women be taken captive?
"There is no dispute among the scholars that it is permissible to capture unbelieving women [who are characterized by] original unbelief [kufr asli], such as the kitabiyat [women from among the People of the Book, i.e. Jews and Christians] and polytheists. However, [the scholars] are disputed over [the issue of] capturing apostate women. The consensus leans towards forbidding it, though some people of knowledge think it permissible. We [ISIS] lean towards accepting the consensus…"
"Question 4: Is it permissible to have intercourse with a female captive? 
"It is permissible to have sexual intercourse with the female captive. Allah the almighty said: '[Successful are the believers] who guard their chastity, except from their wives or (the captives and slaves) that their right hands possess, for then they are free from blame [Koran 23:5-6]'..."
"Question 5: Is it permissible to have intercourse with a female captive immediately after taking possession [of her]? 
"If she is a virgin, he [her master] can have intercourse with her immediately after taking possession of her. However, is she isn't, her uterus must be purified [first]…"
"Question 6: Is it permissible to sell a female captive? 
"It is permissible to buy, sell, or give as a gift female captives and slaves, for they are merely property, which can be disposed of [as long as that doesn't cause [the Muslim ummah] any harm or damage."
"Question 7: Is it permissible to separate a mother from her children through [the act of] buying and selling? 
"It is not permissible to separate a mother from her prepubescent children through buying, selling or giving away [a captive or slave]. [But] it is permissible to separate them if the children are grown and mature."
"Question 8: If two or more [men] buy a female captive together, does she then become [sexually] permissible to each of them?
"It is forbidden to have intercourse with a female captive if [the master] does not own her exclusively. One who owns [a captive] in partnership [with others] may not have sexual intercourse with her until the other [owners] sell or give him [their share]."
"Question 9: If the female captive was impregnated by her owner, can he then sell her?
"He can't sell her if she becomes the mother of a child..."
"Question 10: If a man dies, what is the law regarding the female captive he owned? 
"Female captives are distributed as part of his estate, just as all [other parts] of his estate [are distributed]. However, they may only provide services, not intercourse, if a father or [one of the] sons has already had intercourse with them, or if several [people] inherit them in partnership."
"Question 11: May a man have intercourse with the female slave of his wife? 
"A man may not have intercourse with the female slave of his wife, because [the slave] is owned by someone else."
"Question 12: May a man kiss the female slave of another, with the owner's permission?
"A man may not kiss the female slave of another, for kissing [involves] pleasure, and pleasure is prohibited unless [the man] owns [the slave] exclusively."
"Question 13: Is it permissible to have intercourse with a female slave who has not reached puberty?
"It is permissible to have intercourse with the female slave who hasn't reached puberty if she is fit for intercourse; however if she is not fit for intercourse, then it is enough to enjoy her without intercourse."
"Question 14: What private parts of the female slave's body must be concealed during prayer? 
"Her private body parts [that must be concealed] during prayer are the same as those [that must be concealed] outside [prayer], and they [include] everything besides the head, neck, hands and feet."
"Question 15: May a female slave meet foreign men without wearing a hijab? 
"A female slave is allowed to expose her head, neck, hands, and feet in front of foreign men if fitna [enticement] can be avoided. However, if fitna is present, or of there is fear that it will occur, then it [i.e. exposing these body parts becomes] forbidden."
"Question 16: Can two sisters be taken together while taking slaves?
"It is permissible to have two sisters, a female slave and her aunt [her father's sister], or a female slave and her aunt [from her mother's side]. But they cannot be together during intercourse, [and] whoever has intercourse with one of them cannot have intercourse with the other, due to the general [consensus] over the prohibition of this."
"Question 17: What is al-'azl?
"Al-'azl is refraining from ejaculating on a woman's pudendum [i.e. coitus interruptus]." 
"Question 18: May a man use the al-'azl [technique] with his female slave? 
"A man is allowed [to use] al-'azl during intercourse with his female slave with or without her consent."
"Question 19: Is it permissible to beat a female slave? 
"It is permissible to beat the female slave as a [form of] darb ta'deeb [disciplinary beating], [but] it is forbidden to [use] darb al-takseer [literally, breaking beating], [darb] al-tashaffi [beating for the purpose of achieving gratification], or [darb] al-ta'dheeb [torture beating]. Further, it is forbidden to hit the face."
Question 20: What is the ruling regarding a female slave who runs away from her master? 
"A male or female slave's running away [from their master] is among the gravest of sins…"
"Question 21: What is the earthly punishment of a female slave who runs away from her master? 
"She [i.e. the female slave who runs away from her master] has no punishment according to the shari'a of Allah; however, she is [to be] reprimanded [in such a way that] deters others like her from escaping."
"Question 22: Is it permissible to marry a Muslim [slave] or a kitabiyya [i.e. Jewish or Christian] female slave?
"It is impermissible for a free [man] to marry Muslim or kitabiyat female slaves, except for those [men] who feared to [commit] a sin, that is, the sin of fornication…"
"Question 24: If a man marries a female slave who is owned by someone else, who is allowed to have intercourse with her? 
"A master is prohibited from having intercourse with his female slave who is married to someone else; instead, the master receives her service, [while] the husband [gets to] enjoy her [sexually]."
"Question 25: Are the huddoud [Koranic punishments] applied to female slaves? 
"If a female slave committed what necessitated the enforcement of a hadd [on her], a hadd [is then] enforced on her – however, the hadd is reduced by half within the hudud that accepts reduction by half…"
"Question 27: What is the reward for freeing a slave girl?
"Allah the exalted said [in the Koran]: 'And what can make you know what is [breaking through] the difficult pass [hell]? It is the freeing of a slave.' And [the prophet Muhammad] said: 'Whoever frees a believer Allah frees every organ of his body from hellfire.'"       

Complete story of Jared Fogle - PEDOPHILE

Jared Fogle aka (POS) after sentencing for sexual assault of a child etc.
Jared Fogle was sentenced to 15 years, eight months in prison Thursday for possession and distribution of child pornography and traveling across state lines for commercial sex with a minor.
Judge Tanya Walton Pratt announced the sentence for the former Subway pitchman in federal court in Indianapolis.
Fogle was taken into custody of the U.S. Marshal after the four-hour, 42-minute hearing. He was handcuffed behind his back and led out of the courtroom as family members hugged and cried.
Immediately after the hearing, Fogle blew a kiss and waved goodbye to family members in the front row. About a dozen family members and friends attended the hearing.
The sentence is more than the 12 1/2 years that prosecutors agreed to seek in a plea deal. Pratt said the advisory sentence range of 135 to 168 months "does not sufficiently account for the defendant's criminal conduct."
Federal prisoners must serve at least 85 percent of their sentences. The judge recommended that Fogle be sent to a prison in Littleton, Colo., because of its program for sex offenders.
"Federal judges do not sentence based on emotion or public sentiment," Pratt said. She added, "The level of perversion and lawlessness exhibited by Mr. Fogle is extreme."
She described Fogle, 38, as having had a "privileged" upbringing before becoming "obsessed" with sex and minors. Pratt talked about Fogle's journey from being morbidly obese while at Indiana University to losing weight and being discovered by Subway.

Thatcher confidant raped boy and police covered crime up Exclusive: Former Conservative minister Sir Peter Morrison allegedly lured 14-year-old to London and sexually abused him in a guesthouse reportedly used by a Westminster paedophile ring.

One of Margaret Thatcher’s closest confidantes raped a teenage boy 30 years ago but escaped justice when Scotland Yard covered up the crime, it has been alleged. 

Police are investigating claims that Sir Peter Morrison lured the 14-year-old to London and sexually abused him in a guesthouse reportedly used by a Westminster paedophile ring. 

A former Conservative minister, Morrison was first exposed as a serial child abuser in 1998, three years after he died from a heart attack. But the MP for Chester was never charged with any crime during his lifetime. 

Yet after he gave a statement and was examined by doctors, the family say they heard nothing for months. 

Finally, the boy’s father says he was informed by Scotland Yard that the abuser had been sent to prison for assaulting his son, and that no further action was needed. 

However it was only years later, the family claim, that they discovered the culprit's true identity. They then discovered Morrison had never in fact been jailed for any crime, and that police had apparently duped them into dropping the allegation. 

The man, now a married businessman, is the first of Morrison’s alleged victims to speak publicly. His disturbing story is backed up by his parents and is being investigated as part of Operation Fairbank, set up by the Met two years ago to probe suggestions that high profile political figures had been involved in organised child sex abuse. 

He is now preparing to take legal action against the force, who he claims “hushed the whole thing up”. 

Sir Peter Morrison with Margaret Thatcher, and the notorious Elm Guest House in Barnes where he allegedly abused a 14-year-old boy

The man said: “I believe that Morrison was a high-profile guy so he got away with it. Either the police were paid off or they hushed it up because he was an MP.

“I was never the same after what happened - he ruined my life really. I left school soon afterwards because I lost all my confidence. I couldn’t handle what had happened to me."

An Old Etonian and barrister by background, Peter Morrison was Lady Thatcher’s trusted parliamentary private secretary and deputy chairman of the Conservative Party. In 1990, he led Thatcher’s disastrous leadership campaign team when she lost power. 

It was first reported in 1998 that Morrison had been arrested for molesting underage boys during his career, but had been let off with a police caution. In 2002, Edwina Currie, the former Tory minister, revealed that Morrision was a “noted pederast” in her diaries. He has also been linked to the child abuse scandal at care homes in North Wales. 

Earlier this year, Thatcher’s former bodyguard Barry Strevens claimed the former prime minister was told about Morrison’s alleged penchant for under-age boys but appointed him deputy party chairman despite the rumours. 

Norman Tebbit has also admitted that “rumours had got to my ears” that Morrison was a paedophile more than a decade before the truth was exposed. 

The new allegations against Morrison and Scotland Yard come after the father of an eight year old boy murdered in 1981 told The Telegraph in November that his son may have died at the hands of a Westminster paedophile ring, and that police covered it up. 

Vishambar Mehrotra, a retired magistrate, recorded a male prostitute saying in a telephone call that his son may have been abducted and taken to the Elm guesthouse in 1981, the same location where the new victim claims Morrison raped him. 

Mr Mehrotra took the recording to police at the time but claimed they refused to investigate an allegation implicating “judges and politicians”. 

Last month, the Met announced it is investigating the alleged murder of three young boys linked to a Westminster paedophile ring active in the late seventies and early eighties. 

Officers are probing claims that up to five paedophile rings operated at the heart of Westminster with the involvement of “highly influential” politicians. 

A Labour MP said it was “inconceivable” that police would not now arrest and interview some of the politicians he has named in a list handed to detectives. 

John Mann, who spent months sifting evidence from members of the public, handed over evidence on 22 politicians including three serving MPs and three members of the House of Lords. 

Although some on the list are now dead, it also contains the names of other figures who are still alive but no longer active in Westminster, Mr Mann said. 

“There are at least five paedophile rings which involved MPs,” he said. 

“Each of them involved at least one MP, some involved more, and these were groups of people who knew about the activities of one another. 

“In some cases I believe they committed abuse together.”

A spokesman for the Metropolitan Police said the force was investigating the alleged victim's claims.

By, Bill Gardner


In Great Britain, Protecting Pedophile Politicians is a Matter of “National Security”
Posted By Michael Krieger | Liberty Blitzkrieg  On November 23, 2014.

I’ve long written about how the percentage of sociopaths within a group of humans becomes increasingly concentrated the higher you climb within the positions of power in a society, with it being most chronic amongst those who crave political power (see: Humanity is Rising).
The reason for this is obvious. Those with the sickest minds, and who wish to act upon their destructive fantasies, understand that they can most easily get away with their deeds if they are protected by an aura of power and ostensible respectability. They believe that as a result of their status, no one would dare accuse them of horrific activities, and if it ever came to that, they could quash any investigation. Unfortunately for us all, this is typically the case. I previously covered the issue of powerful pedophiles in the UK in the piece: Former BBC Host “Sir” Jimmy Savile Exposed as Major Player in Massive Pedophile Ring.
Now we have evidence of yet another case.

The Guardian reports that:
The security services are facing questions over the cover-up of a Westminster paedophile ring as it emerged that files relating to official requests for media blackouts in the early 1980s were destroyed.
Two newspaper executives have told the Observer that their publications were issued with D-notices – warnings not to publish intelligence that might damage national security – when they sought to report on allegations of a powerful group of men engaging in child sex abuse in 1984. One executive said he had been accosted in his office by 15 uniformed and two non-uniformed police over a dossier on Westminster paedophiles passed to him by the former Labour cabinet minister Barbara Castle.
Ah, national security. Remember that the next time you are lectured that we need to give up our civil liberties in the name of “national security.” Think about what that really means. It really means the security of the status quo to continue to behave like insane criminals with zero accountability.
The other said that his newspaper had received a D-notice when a reporter sought to write about a police investigation into Elm Guest House, in southwest London, where a group of high-profile paedophiles was said to have operated and may have killed a child. Now it has emerged that these claims are impossible to verify or discount because the D-notice archives for that period “are not complete”.
“It feels like just another example of key documents from that period going missing. We need to know more about what has happened. The journalists who have said that D-notices were issued are respected people with no reason to lie.”
The two journalists, Don Hale, the former editor of the Bury Messenger, and Hilton Tims, news editor of the Surrey Comet between 1980 and 1988, both recall their publications being issued with D-notices around 1984. Tims, a veteran of the Daily Mail and BBC, where he was head of publicity for the launch of colour TV, said that his chief reporter had informed him that a D-notice had been issued to him after he tried to report on a police investigation into events at Elm Guest House, where Smith is said to have been a regular visitor.
“The reporter was told that there were a number of high-profile people involved and they were getting boys from a care home in the Richmond area. So I put someone on to it, the chief reporter I think, to make inquiries. It was the following day that we had a D-notice slapped on us; the reporter came over and told me. It was the only time in my career.”
Hale, who was awarded an OBE for his successful campaign to overturn the murder conviction of Stephen Downing, a victim of one of the longest-known miscarriages of justice, said he was issued with a D-notice when editor of the Bury Messenger. He had been given a file by Castle, by then an MEP, which had details of a Home Office investigation into allegations made by the Tory MP Geoffrey Dickens of the existence of a Westminster paedophile ring. The files contained the name of 16 MPs said to be involved and another 40 who were supportive of the goals of the Paedophile Information Exchange, which sought to reduce the age of consent.
The worst part about incidents like these, is that those closest to the situations will often blindly protect the offenders. Such as what is described in the following articles.
From Outside MagazineThe Sex-Abuse Scandal Plaguing USA Swimming
From the Associated PressClassroom Sex Abuse Case to Cost Nearly $140M

Blogger's note: My heart goes out to all these young, helpless victims, and all those others whose stories haven’t been told.